2017 Honda Accord

For many people, the Honda Accord represents what a midsize sedan should look, feel and sound like. It’s an amazing car with lots of features, but with next to no changes for 2017, you do have to wonder if it can still keep its own in this highly competitive segment. The only change Honda has made comes in the form of a new trim to the lineup called the Sport Special Edition. It includes the regular Sport trim’s features but adds heated leather seats complete with red stitching. Has Honda done enough?

Based on the exterior, yes and no. Yes, because it’s still rather handsome and visually appealing, but no because it does show its age. Despite that, we still like the way it looks. Continue reading “2017 Honda Accord”

2017 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has always been one of the best midsize sedans. It was never the best at anything in particular, but great all around. This made it the obvious choice for people who were looking at this segment, and wanted something predictable and reliable. Naturally, it had its flaws, like all cars do, but they weren’t enough to put off most people from purchasing it. The newest, 2017 model aims to improve the Camry further, rounding off all the edges of the previous year vehicle.

Changes have been minimal, but they are noticeable.

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