Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer (2016) XLT – 4WD

It was the hype everyone has been talking about. Ford has released a newer version of the Ford Explorer in 2016 and I was one to take notice. A very interested buyer type of notice. I wanted this jeep because it had an absolutely amazing redone body, interior well put, and the engine power – well, I actually didn’t know much about the engine power at first and therefore thought it would be a good idea to go to different dealerships and see what they had to offer.

But one thing was clear, for me, this was going to be my next jeep. My next SUV. My next 7 seater. My next ride. I started calling it lots of things as you can see.

I visited the several Ford dealerships, inquired also about other jeeps such as the Nissan Pathfinder, BMW X-5 (7-seater to be installed as it is optional), and as for the Toyota 4-Runner, I had lost taste to that. What the hell has Toyota been smoking?

My father has always loved Toyota. Especially the Toyota Camry’s. Right now he’s on his 4th or 5th Camry and I must say, the old ones were better, except for the exhaust pipe hanging too long and bursting when driving over areas in New York City. And the newer models don’t have the exhaust pipe hanging low., but the cars itself have become lightweight… and if I had sum this up quickly, I’d say they’ve become very cheap. Again, Toyota folks what the hell are you guys smoking?

Anyhow, back to my Ford Explorer, I finally settled on the Ford Explorer. Found a great deal all the way down in Maryland. Sheehy Ford guy, his name was Brandon. He was straight up, honest, and to the point. I liked his style, no pressure at all, and I bought it from him. I loved my new Explorer. It had good power, about 300 HP V6, 7 seater so although it has the power; it feels like it’s working hard to get there due to its size. Ford should have bumped it up to 350+ HP and turbo V6 would have been ideal. But everyone wants big money these days for the slightest of changes or upgrades.

I bought mine in March of 2016. It was really good until this happened!

I am on the belt parkway (Brooklyn, NY) and in well moving traffic, in left lane, about 55-60 miles per hour, my jeep loses complete power on the acceleration. I hit the accelerator and nothing is happening. I get a check engine light or something like that on my new digital dashboard. I get very worried, and angry, as now I struggled to avoid an accident. I almost got hit – imagine NY traffic. I finally get to the right lane and car eventually stops. I shut the power, waited about a minute, it restarted, and accelerator worked again.

I thought it was a disconnect between the key and jeep, but it happened again during the day. Enough was enough. I took it back to a Ford Dealership in my neighborhood (Staten Island, NY – one of the boroughs of New York City), and Dana Ford guy tells me it may be the Electronic Throttle Body (ETB). He said many have come on for that. I was angry. I purchased this jeep because I wanted to give some trust and faith to the folks at Ford. My dad had a laugh at me, as if you recall, he’s the “Toyota” guy. Long story short, my day was wasted. Dana Ford in Staten Island replaced it, but they suck. I’ll tell you why. They never loaned me a car, and didn’t care about needs. I told the gut if this ever happens again, take their crappy explorer back and I will go buy me a Japanese or German car. I must say, I’ve had good days with Chevrolets. I might go to Chevy Tahoe or Suburban actually. Chevy’s are good. I bought the Explorer because it’s new shape got to me, the interior was decent, and the engine was okay. But I don’t have time for the BS of taking it to dealerships for problems that should never have happened in the first place.

As my new explorer is awesome again, am loving it. Maybe it was a one time thing, that remains to be seen. But again, I love my explorer for now, and it’s worth getting if you’ve had previous good experience with it. As for my next ride, after a few years, it’s going to be either the Tahoe or Suburban. Maybe German. But not Japanese. That’s my story.

Thanks to, I can now write about this. Awesome. You should too.

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